The Best of 2011

Mickey Mouse Silhouette Cake Pops2011 marked my first full year of food blogging. It had its ups and downs – from almost burning down our new apartment baking a cheesecake to some really simple (but awesome recipes) like these homemade peanut butter cups.

Here’s a look back at the most popular posts (based on the number of views) that were published last year:

1. Recipe: Biko (Filipino Sticky Rice Dessert) – March 14, 2011
2. DIY: Mickey Mouse Cake Pops – Oct. 31, 2011
3. Chocolate Lover’s Month at Dunkin’ Donuts – Feb. 14, 2011
4. Dining on the Disney Dream – Pt. 1 – May 18, 2011 – Guest blog by Disney Food Blog’s AJ Wolfe
5. Dining Reservations at Walt Disney World – July 26, 2011
6. Cookie-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies – March 2, 2011
7. Dining on the Disney Dream – Pt. 2 – May 21, 2011 – Guest post by AJ Wolfe
8. Taste Test: Blueberry-Flavored Greek Yogurt – April 10, 2011 – Guest blog by Brett Finnell
9. Cupcake Camp Boston 2011 – April 14, 2011
10. Review: Blue’s Egg – Jan. 3, 2011

Eating Restructuring Plan Recap

For those wondering about last year’s “eating restructuring plan,” my current stats are:

Weight: 163.2 (lowest); currently at 169.0 (it got a little crazy on vacation and during the holidays – I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sneak some chocolate here and there)
Waist: 36 inches (started at 38.5)
Hips: 39 inches (started at 42)
Total lost: 7.4 pounds/5.5 inches

While I didn’t make my goal of losing 31 pounds by end July, I did take to heart some new eating habits such as the daily Kefir smoothie, less carbs and more fresh fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, I have had to put the baby dream on the back burner due to some other unexpected health concerns during the past year. While Brett and I very much want to start a family, I’ve needed to concentrate more on my own health and well-being. There were times when it has been so difficult to get out of bed, let alone get the ambition and drive to go to the gym.

Now that I have a diagnosis for what is troubling me, I have taken the last few months to understand how my body feels and listen to it when its tired. I do rest and nap a lot more than the “normal” person but it helps give me the energy to make it through the day. This year, I hope to focus more on being active, and getting to the gym and working out regularly to help combat some of the fatigue.

It has been a rough road for this weight-loss journey, but I haven’t given up. The size 12 pants that I’m wearing are evidence enough that 7+ pounds is enough to help get me down 2 sizes – a place I haven’t been for nearly 5 years. When I last met with my doctor, she said even 5 more pounds will put me in a healthier place – for myself, and hopefully one day, that new little bundle of joy and foodie-in-training.

I’ll be back soon with more reviews and stories from our recent trip to Disney World in Florida. Plus, I’ll be reviewing a new cupcake stop on Boston’s North Shore and a hidden gem for Indian cuisine in southern New Hampshire. Lots to come in 2012 for All’s Fare Food Blog, so check back often!

Lots of Love and Wish you a Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “The Best of 2011

  1. You rock, Christina. I’ll be making Toy Story alien cupcakes on Friday for my son’s fifth birthday party. Will share photos with you if they turn out 😉 Disney/Pixar so it’s in the family, right? Thank you for sharing all of your personal experiences about food and life. I look forward to all of your posts!

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